Josh Yutkins-Kennedy

JYK Media

computer screen

I’m an experienced web specialist, front-end developer, and digital, multimedia strategist with 5+ years’ experience in developing a portfolio of high-impact, websites that utilizes SEO and social media to boost web traffic, e-commerce, and customer engagement. A self-starter, with the skills and the ability to conceptualize, design, and storyboard responsive websites.


Expertise in web design and development for e-commerce, web content, and entertainment websites


High-quality photography of events, conventions, products, and portraits

Video Production

Adeptly shot and edited video of personal projects and professional content

Podcast Production

Bringing your ideas to life with great audio production

"Josh would always go for the highest possible quality and level of creative, no matter what..."

Bret Upham

Need a Website or Multimedia Content produced?